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The Long Pier




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1.  No Refunds/All Sales Final

2.  2 rods allowed per person – there is a charge for extra rods:

        · $3.00 for 3rd additional rod

        · $7.00 for 4th additional rod

3.  Fishing and walking on the pier is at your own risk

4.  Kids (under 10) must be accompanied by an adult

5.  No Glass Bottles Allowed on the Pier

6.  Fishing stamp expires at closing

7.  Management has the right to close the Pier due to unfavorable weather or any other hazardous conditions

8.  We are not responsible for lost/stolen items

9.  Parking lot & restrooms are available to Pier customers only

10.  The Pier will not hold any live/frozen bait for anyone in our bait house

11.  Vandalism is prohibited

12.  No cast nets allowed on the Pier

13.  No jumping off or climbing on the Pier

14.  No pets allowed on the Pier

15.  No bikes, skateboards, rollerblades, etc. allowed on the Pier

16.  The Pier has the right to revoke a customer’s day/season pass for not following Pier rules


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